Romney Addresses the NAALCP

Romney showed up today at the NAALCP convention, and Snerdley came in here, “Oh, yeah, he did great. He was great.” And Karen Finney, this real locoweed commentator over at MSNBC, “Well, you gotta give Romney credit for showing up, for being willing to go.” Is that right? We’ve gotten to the point where he gets credit for going? I mean say what you want about the NAALCP, they’re still human beings, they’re Americans. Credit for going? Every presidential candidate goes to the NAALCP. McCain went, didn’t he? Bush went, didn’t he? Name for me one that didn’t. (interruption) Oh, Obama hasn’t gone? (laughing)

At any rate, here’s what Karen Finney said, “It’s more about your actions than it is about what you say.” That’s a crock. Not with that group. It’s totally about what you say. Obama has devastated the black community in this country economically, literally devastated them. It’s totally what you say. Not your actions. But remind me again here, folks, ’cause before Romney showed up at the NAALCP, we had Fox on, and Alan Colmes was on there… I was gonna say something, but I’m gonna dial it back. Alan Colmes was saying that Romney doesn’t care about people. He doesn’t care about the poor. He doesn’t care about black people. He doesn’t care. He’s totally out of touch. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about people in poverty. He doesn’t care about people that are suffering and hurting. He doesn’t care.



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