Progressive Privilege: Divide and Conquer by Race

The United States today may be the most color-blind society in history. We’re a country that is led by a black President and has legal guarantees of equal rights for all. Racist groups are almost non-existent and are more likely to invite ridicule than attract recruits. Yet many who ought to celebrate our successes are instead striving to re-divide us along racial lines. Consider the University of Minnesota-Duluth’s new campaign to expose so-called “white privilege.”

The “Un-Fair” campaign aims to establish an “evolved community free of individual, systemic and institutionalized racism” by challenging “the white monoculture and its systems and institutions, and the privileges it creates for whites.”

In a campaign video, defaced “white” persons offer apologetic testimonials for the color of their skin. The campaign seeks to institutionalize its own kind of racism by dividing America into “colored” and “white,” while advancing the absurd claim that all white people enjoy “privileges that are unearned just because of the color of their skin.”



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