Okay, so John Boehner says that nobody’s gonna fall in love with Romney. Nobody’s clamoring for Romney. Well, the bottom line, nobody’s clamoring for John Boehner. But by the same token, did Wisconsin voters fall in love with Scott Walker? Stick with me on this. Walker has accomplished something profoundly great for the state of Wisconsin and potentially for this country, if it has legs. But are people in love with Scott Walker? No. Are people out there clamoring for Scott Walker to run for president? Not many. Some people may be.

I have a story here: “Unemployment Rate Dropped in Every State That Elected a Republican Governor in 2010.” There are 17 of them. The states are Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, South Dakota, Florida, Nevada, Iowa, Ohio. All elected Republican governors. All have unemployment rates dropping. I know, the media is what it is. Not focusing on this, making a story out of it. But the people that live in these states know it. And yet, does it indicate that a movement’s underway or is it just a coincidence?

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