Obama Says More Hope and Change is Needed

Had enough hope and change? Maybe you have, but President Obama hasn’t; he wants more and more. Interviewed by Charlie Rose on CBS, Obama said, “I just came back from a bus tour in Ohio. And we’re now starting to get in the campaign swing. And I tell people, ‘This campaign’s still about hope.’ If somebody asks me, it’s still about change.”

Obama admitted that his reign hasn’t produced the results needed to fix the economy, saying that Mitt Romney is correct when he says the economy hasn’t been fixed: “because if I was in his shoes, I’d be making the same argument.” (Just an aside, Mr. Smartest Person Ever to Sit in the White House: it’s the subjunctive case you need to use in that phrase: proper grammar is “because if I were in his shoes.)

But I digress. Obama continued, “In this office, everything takes a little longer than you’d like. I think it’s important to know we did an awful lot in the first four years.”



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