Obama Makes It All About Him

I wasn’t sure about this. Well, the source for me on this is solid. This guy sends me a note, and, remember, now, I’m out playing golf on Friday, interment rain and so forth, and you’re not allowed cell phones out there, so I’m coming late to all this. At the end of the day on Friday I’m checking voluminous amounts e-mail and I get a note from a guy who said, “You wouldn’t believe, why does Obama do this? He had to say, ‘My daughters go to the movies, what if they had been in that theater?'” And I looked at that, did he really say that? If I had a son, he would look just like Trayvon Martin. My two daughters go to the movies. What if they had been there, as though, what are we to conclude? That his two daughters are more important than people that were in that theater? (interruption) What, that’s not what he meant? What the hell did he mean? Wait a second. No, no, no.

Look, I’m mayor of Realville. I deal in the literal. First off, did he say, “My two daughters go to the movies, what if they had been in that theater that night?” Did he say, “I wonder if”? Even if he said, “I wonder if my two daughters had been,” trying to relate to average, ordinary peons just as they might be asking, “Gee, what if my daughters had been there?” Well, without those daughters, would he have a different reaction? What’s the deal here? If his daughters weren’t there, would he have a different reaction? If Trayvon Martin hadn’t been black, would he have had a different reaction to a son that he didn’t have looking like Trayvon Martin? When I read that, when I read that note, I thought, well, this is very typical, this is an egomaniac who really thinks that the people of this country think he is more important than any other human being alive in this country.

And then I said, can he only relate to this through his own flesh and blood? Can he not relate to this with simply the loss that people in that theater have experienced? Folks, I don’t know about you. When I first heard about this, and I don’t have kids, so I didn’t think, “Well, what if my kids had been there?” But I also didn’t think, “Gee, what if my brother had been there? What if my nieces had been?” I’ve got nieces and nephews, I did not think, “Gee, what if they’d been in there?” It wasn’t about me, I guess is my point. Why does everything have to be about this guy, and why does he have to turn everything of noteworthy consequence in this country around so that it’s about him? “My daughters go to the movies. What if Malia and Sasha had been at the theater, as so many of our kids are each day? Michelle and I will be fortunate to hug our kids.” I don’t know. I just don’t know how many people made this about them. That’s my only point.



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