Obama is going after your guns

Immigration, check! Healthcare, check! Muslim Brotherhood, check! And now our most precious freedom, (next to the first amendment protections of free speech), guns, our second amendment.

You knew this was coming. The infiltrator-in-chief is on a roll. Dick Morris has this:

On July 27th, the nations of the world are scheduled to meet in New York to sign a global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Disguised as a way to prevent the proliferation of small arms throughout the world, it is, in fact, a backdoor way to legislate gun control in the United States and effectively repeal our Second Amendment.

The ATT will set up a global body, which will require all nations to regulate firearms so that they can prevent their exportation to other countries. Inevitably, this will require countries to inventory the guns in private hands and to register them. A gun ban is not far away.



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