Obama Gaffe Puts Romney on Offense

The Romney campaign has finally found a way to seize the initiative, using President Obama’s own gaffe about small businesses to generate a sustained attack that clearly has stoked fear in the Obama campaign.

After weeks of playing defense against charges that he is a reckless corporate raider who possibly cheats on his taxes, Romney has finally found a way to reverse the momentum.

The Romney attacks may revive concerns about the commitment to capitalism of the man who famously told small businessman Joe the Plumber about the need to “spread the wealth around.” And it threatens to unravel a carefully scripted Obama campaign theme that touts his support for the middle class and small business.

Obama, who blundered by telling business owners “you didn’t build that” and listing the ways he thinks government helped create people’s businesses, is so threatened by the attacks that he took the highly unusual step of cutting an ad to try to clean up the mess.



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