As the Obama campaign continues its attacks on Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and his tax returns, it has argued that the focus is justified because Romney made his business background his “calling card” for his presidential run. They argue, not unreasonably, that Romney’s use of his business experience as the centerpiece of his candidacy warrants close scrutiny of that experience. Okay, but what about what was, in 2008, Obama’s main “calling card”, his successful academic career? Doesn’t that warrant similar vetting?

During the 08 campaign, Obama and his supporters touted his editorship of the Harvard Law Review and his position as a “constitutional law professor” at University of Chicago as significant achievements. His academic rise through Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Law School were prima facie evidence of his brilliance. No other modern candidate for President has used his academic achievements as his chief “calling card” for the Presidency. And yet, while many candidates have released or had leaked their academic transcripts, we have almost no information on Obama’s. It was damn near the sum-total of his “qualifications” to be President, and we know nothing about it.

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