Obama Calls for Extension of the Very Bush Tax Cuts Which He Blames for His Economy

So the media is gathered now awaiting breathlessly President Kardashian’s announcement that he’s going to extend the Bush tax cuts. Now, I seem to remember President Kardashian blaming these tax cuts for most of his economic problems. Am I right about that? Even today, even over the weekend, President Kardashian blaming Bush for the economic woes the country finds itself in. And at the top of the list of things that he blames Bush for are these tax cuts.

And so, President Kardashian today is going to extend the very tax cuts that he says have caused his own economic problems. Well, the reason I point that out… (interruption) why are you frowning? I think this is a brilliant point. That’s what he’s gonna do. He’s announced extending some of the Bush-era tax cuts for people who make under 250 grand, but he has been blaming the entire Bush tax cuts for his economic problems. Now, this is the second time that Kardashian has extended them. There was the lame duck session of Congress after the 2010 midterms, and now this, the second time.



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