Obama Admits: Our Plan Worked

That is quite an admission.

I don’t know how else to look at this.

He is admitting that this has been the plan all along, and that everything has gone right.

Everything is going according to plan. So I guess we have another See, I Told You So moment here. ‘Cause I’ve said all along that it was always his plan to destroy the economy, and he just admitted it! He just admitted that his plan worked, for all intents and purposes. The only alternative is that he’s just saying it because he’s relying on the fact that his audience is such a bunch of idiots that they won’t know. So just go out and lie. So we got two options: He just goes out and lies and rolls the dice that people will swallow it, or he goes out and tells the truth.

“It’s working! Our plan worked! More of you on food stamps than ever before! More of you don’t have jobs than ever before: 18.2 million of you don’t have jobs! More of your homes are underwater than ever before, and more of you are gonna be in a whole big mess ’cause of health care. Yep, it’s working!”



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