Nearly All Americans Favor Welfare Work Requirements

The vast majority of Americans favor work requirements for welfare recipients, a new Rasmussen survey reveals.

According to the survey data, released last Wednesday, “83% of American Adults favor a work requirement as a condition for receiving welfare assistance. Just seven percent (7%) oppose such a requirement, while 10% are undecided.”

Similarly, a Heritage Foundation survey from 2009 shows that nearly all respondents agreed that able-bodied adults who receive cash, food, housing, and medical assistance should be required to work or prepare for work as a condition of receiving those government benefits. The outcomes were nearly identical across party lines, with 96 percent of Democrats and 97 percent of Republicans agreeing with this statement. (Survey data available upon request.)

Even during his 2008 presidential campaign Obama himself expressed support for work requirements. But apparently he’s changed his mind, and now he’s pushing everyone to go along with him, even if it means bypassing Congress.



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