Huff Po describes me, ” …Tea Party member Victoria Jackson can be frequently counted on to offer an off color remark, whether she’s slamming “Glee”, gays or Muslims, comparing Obama to Hitler, or saying that Rush Limbaugh should run the country. During her time at “SNL,” she reportedly said, “Maybe I’m overcompensating, because everybody here is dying and going to Hell, and I’m supposed to tell them about Jesus.”

Well, I guess what the Huff Po considers my “controversy” and “off color” is; defending the Constitution and the Bible, resisting Shariah Law and it’s treatment of women as dogs, protecting the innocence of children and the sanctity of marriage, supporting the traditional family, defending Capitalism, enjoying the company of patriotic, freedom loving Americans, and sharing the loving gospel of Christ (John 3:16) with others.

I always thought “off color” meant using the F word and telling dirty, embarrassing, inappropriate, vulgar, sex jokes…like what Louis C.K. and Bill Maher do. Since when does “off color” mean verbalizing clean, polite, Christian conservative convictions? Who flip flopped the definition? And, when? Was it when ‘bad’ turned from meaning ‘evil’ and ‘unwanted’ to meaning ‘good, hip, and cool”? “Phat” never really caught on, did it?

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