Mitt Gets Mad and Makes a Great Speech

Romney is right on the money when he says that he thinks Obama wants people to be ashamed of their success. In fact, I think we’ve already reached that point. There are a lot of people that do everything they can to hide their success. They may not be ashamed of it yet, but that’s what Obama wants. “Don’t be proud of it. Don’t use it as inspiration for other people. Your success needs to be something that you are ashamed of because it came at the expense of other people.

“Your success isn’t yours. You only succeeded because somebody put a road in front of your business. You only succeeded because there’s a bridge over there. You only succeeded because you stole the labor or the business of somebody else.” He wants that to be a collective thought that success is something to be ashamed of. Because the more he can make people think that, the more he can justify taking things away from them.



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