Missouri Democrat Says No Jews Died in 9/11 Attacks

A Missouri Democrat running to be the state’s next secretary of state thinks not a single Jewish person died in the 9/11 attacks. He’s also a 9/11 Truther.

And he’s even willing to talk about these beliefs in on-the-record interviews.

MD Rabbi Alam chairs the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (NDPAAC), which is sponsored by the DNC. When interviewed by the Washington Free Beacon about his comments, Alam said this:

“My question was, ‘What’s the reason not a single Jew was killed on that day,’” Alam said, maintaining that his inquiries are based on facts, rather than a bias against Jewish people. “Was there a single Jew killed on that day?”

When asked if he thought the planes were not responsible for destroying the twin towers, Alam said this:

“I have 100 percent doubts. It doesn’t add up,” he said. “My bottom line is the plane is not solely responsible for destroying the whole building.”



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