Media to Obama: Feel Free to Keep Lying About Romney

Over the past four years, since the rise of these insidious media fact-checkers, we’ve seen it a hundred times.

1. A Republican launches a potent and perfectly fair criticism of a Democrat.

2. Fearing this criticism will evolve into a damaging narrative against the Democrat, a panicked and dishonest media fact-checker comes along and finds a way to declare the criticism as false or mostly false or just false enough to protect the Democrat.

3. The media then uses this phony fact check to kill the emerging narrative and makes sure it gains no traction.

4. Then the media will sometimes take it a step further and use the phony fact check as a way to turn the perfectly valid criticism of the Democrat into a weapon against the Republican by questioning his character and integrity.

This is the reason why these fact checkers were invented by the media. It allows them to craft a bludgeon called “objective truth” and beat us silly with it. Except that nine times out of ten, that bludgeon has been crafted with parsing, rationalizing, and lies of omission.

Well, now we have a fascinating test case before us.



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