Liberals Seek Swift Boat Revenge

There’s no question they’re campaigning on the stupidity of people. The ignorant, that’s who he’s building his constituency on, a collection of ignorant this, ignorant that, there’s no question. He’s counting on the fact that there are more of them than not. Along the lines of what you say, grab sound bite three. Here’s a montage. Folks, while the country’s going to hell in a handbasket, the media is thrilled. They are excited beyond belief because Obama is Swift-boating Romney. They’re excited. They love it because they think they’re now getting revenge for 2004. Of course, there’s no comparison. The Swift Boat vets were a bunch of people that served with John Kerry, who said he was unfit for command. There’s no group of Bain executives who worked with Romney who say he shouldn’t be president. Not even a story here.



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