Incoherent Obama and Clinton on Romney and the Economy

It wasn’t very long ago, ladies and gentlemen, that Bill Clinton would go out there and say something like how qualified Mitt Romney was to be president. “Bain Capital, private equity, we can’t criticize these people! Bain Capital, private equity, they do some great work.” And so did what’s-his-face, Cory Booker. It wasn’t long ago the whole Democrat Party was abandoning Obama on this stuff. But he took ’em all out to the woodshed. He got them all back in order.

So now I guess everybody is hunky-dory and down with the stupidity. Everybody’s gotta sit there, gnash their teeth, and support this lunatic. I remember when Clinton would speak. The last time Clinton said something, remember? They leaked that his staff would say, “Well, you know, he’s 65.” Remember that? I forget what it was that Clinton said. He praised Bain Capital and some other stuff. Whatever it was, the media went and talked to Clinton staffers and they said, “Yeah, well, mmmm.

“Yeah, president is getting a little old. He’s 65.” The implication was he has the onset of senility. Okay, well, bearing that in mind, Clinton, by his own staff’s observation, is getting senile. We have Clinton sound bites. This morning on the Today Show on NBC, brand-new co-host Savannah Guthrie was interviewing Clinton. She said, “Recently the Democrats have been emphasizing Romney’s personal investments. In fact, he has some accounts in Switzerland and the Caymans.” Savannah, do you know that so does half the Democrat Party if not more have investments in the same places?



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