Rush Outed the Democrats on Batman Plans

So I’m in the library last night, and I’m doing what I always do. I’m doing show prep. And I get a text message from Kathryn who’s in with the dogs in the kitchen. She says, “Are you in this Batman movie and you didn’t tell me? Is this Batman movie about you?” I said, “What now?” She says, “I can’t go anywhere without reading about you and this Batman movie.” And I finally, in that moment, folks, I finally figured out what’s going on. I outed them. Forget the creator. I don’t care that the creator created the character Bane in the Batman movie back in the ’90s. It doesn’t matter. The Democrats clearly were going to try to link this villain to Mitt Romney. And I outed ’em. They’ve even got a couple Democrats admitting they were gonna, Chris Leheinous and Jon Stewart. And they’re still trying to do it.

You know, independently of the producers and the actors and all the people associated with the movie, they saw it, they were gonna try to make the linkage, and now I’m out there basically accusing them of that, so they’ve got their backs up. They’re acting like I’m some sort of conspiracy creep. But I outed ’em. I have shined the light of truth, as it were.



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