I Love It! Romney Asks Business Owners to Stand Up and Accept Thanks

I just asked that question an hour-and-a-half ago about the jobs council. It’s a bogus thing anyway. I mean, there is a jobs council, but they don’t do anything. Romney sounds like his hair is on fire out there. Somebody has really — and it was Obama who did it. Obama struck that match. Here’s the second sound bite where Romney is making business owners stand up so he can thank ’em.

ROMNEY: I just want to say it exactly as he said it. Speaking about small businesses and businesses of all kind, he said this, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” How many people here, will the people who began a business or are leading a business in this room please stand up? Wow. Thank you. (cheers and applause) Thank you.

RUSH: I actually love that. That’s like asking members of the military to stand up, and they are also frequently under attack by the left in this country. So the new enemy of the Democrat Party is business owners. The new enemy of the administration is business owners and Romney’s out there, “Stand up.” It kinda reminds me of Biden in Missouri, (imitating Biden) “Stand up, Chuck, let me see you. Oh, God love you, oh, no, Chuck’s in a wheelchair, and he can’t stand up and I look like a buffoon, everybody, let’s stand up for Chuck. Stand up for Chuck.”



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