History of Violence: Guns vs. Hollywood

Now, a friend of mine sent me some interesting stuff here. It’s a good way to understand what happened in Aurora, Colorado, and the anti-gun reaction. It’s an interesting timeline of things. Let me run through it fairly quickly here.

The time since the introduction of relatively useful long-barreled weapons is approximately 600 years. Six hundred years the rifle has been around — 600 years, give or take. The time since the introduction of pistols using more than one bullet: At least 150 years. The time since the enactment of the Second Amendment: 221 years. And that’s an important number to remember, because since the effort to blame this on the Tea Party failed, now it’s time to go for the Second Amendment.

So it’s been 221 years since the enactment of the Second Amendment; 600 years since the introduction of the rifle, a long-barreled weapon; and 150 years of pistols able to use more than one bullet. The time since Tim Burton took a charming, funny, and wholesome 1960s kids’ show…? I was thinking about this over the weekend. I remember watching Batman on television, and it was a cartoon show with human characters. Adam West was the guy who played Batman.



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