Has It Really Come to This?

I don’t believe this. I’m sitting here in stunned bewilderment, and I guess I shouldn’t be. I have this silly notion that our nation is going to progress each and every day, that we’re gonna get better. I don’t mean economically. I’m talking about sophistication, things that work in political campaigns. I guess I’m gonna have to lower my expectations. And the problem with lowering expectations is that I’m perpetually disappointed. And if I don’t watch it, I’m perpetually depressed. The idea that Mitt Romney is a felon is still active. It’s still the centerpiece of the Obama campaign. That Mitt Romney is a felon. Here you’ve got Barack Obama who veritably grew up with them. His house financed by one. His campaign announced in the home of another felon, the guy that tried to blow up the Pentagon, Bill Ayers.

Obama is surrounded by dubious characters his entire life. His home is financed by a felon and the regime is still putting out that Romney was a felon based on when he left Bain. Here is the biggest milquetoast white bread guy that’s ever run for president, who might not be able to define felony if you asked him, is how far away from one he is. And Jack Welch and his lovely and gracious wife Susie have a column out today in the Wall Street Journal. I can understand it if this was in People or if it was on TMZ or if they did a special commentary on the E! Entertainment network, but in the Wall Street Journal, the Bible of American business newspapers.



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