Great Romney Ad: “It Worked”

Romney has an ad called “It Worked.” You know what’s happening to people who appear in Romney ads? They’re being harassed. This guy Gilchrist that appeared in one of Romney’s ads the past ten days in New Hampshire is being harassed on the phone and in person. Not threatened yet, but he’s being harassed. People that raise money for Romney, people that donate to Romney are being harassed by the regime, by Obama soldiers. I just want you to know that.

And these people are not backing down.

The donors, the people appearing in the commercials, they’re not backing down.

(interruption) Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to Romney and the Olympics. It turns out he was right, and it wasn’t that bad a thing to say anyway. You know, if you can’t go someplace and be honest about something, what’s the point? He wasn’t being insulting. It’s just political correctness run amuck. “You can’t come over here and tell the truth! What are you talking about, Mr. Romney? Who do you think you are to come over here and tell the truth?”

Romney has an ad in response to Obama saying, “We tried our plan and it worked.” That’s the next one. The first Obama sound bite that we’ve been playing (impression), “You didn’t do that! You didn’t build that! You didn’t make that happen.” The second is he’s running around saying “It worked.” We tried our plan, and it worked.



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