The media is becoming a joke. Well, it’s been a joke for the longest time. We had Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross yesterday, and we have Stephanopoulos back again today. You know, I knew this yesterday. I just didn’t have the backup for it. But they totally misquoted the mother of this guy in Colorado and made it look like she was confirming for them that they had the right guy. When she said, “You’ve got the right person,” she was talking about herself. It has just become a joke.

Even Jon Stewart saw it. You know, I never watch Comedy Central. I probably shouldn’t admit this, because the younger demos are gonna wonder, “What kind of screwball is Limbaugh?” I just never do. Comedy Central is just not something on my channel-selector radar. It just never has been. So even Jon Stewart rips Brian Ross. He said, “What does it take to get fired at ABC?” It’s a good question. “What does it take to get fired at ABC?” What does it take to get fired at NBC?

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