From “Yes We Can” to “No, You Didn’t”

In 2008, Barack Obama promised hope and change. “Yes We Can,” he and his supporters shouted.

Now we learn that “we” meant government. The American people, apparently, aren’t capable of anything.

“If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that,” President Obama said last week in Roanoke, Virginia. “Somebody else made that happen.” His message was clear: Americans are incapable of doing anything without government there to subsidize or support them. This speech is just the latest piece of a campaign of condescension.

Earlier this year, America met Julia, the faceless cartoon woman who starred in an online ad for the Obama campaign. She’s the modern American girl whose success in life can be chalked up to the helping hand of government. She gets a federally subsidized education, college loans, free birth control, free prenatal care (when she “decides to have a child”), a small-business loan, and retirement security because of the ever-present and ever-President Obama.



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