Energy Department Can’t Locate $500,000 in Stimulus Money

The Energy Department can’t figure out how hundreds of thousands of dollars in “green energy” stimulus money earmarked for manufacturing equipment was spent, according to a new report from the agency’s Inspector General.

DOE’s IG stated in a July 2012 audit report that $500,000 of equipment bought with stimulus money to fund the Advanced Batteries and Hybrid Components Program cannot be located.

The authors of the report examined three recipients of stimulus money: A123 Systems, Inc., Delphi Automotive Systems and Johnson Controls, Inc. The report claims that “one of the three recipients” does not have information that provides the location of purchased equipment.

“Despite the assistance of recipient officials familiar with the premises and knowledgeable about the purchases made, we were unable to locate 20 of the 37 equipment items sampled,” the report states. “The missing items were valued at approximately $500,000.”



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