Developers Build the Roads and Bridges

Eleven US cities, “Eleven U.S. markets contain more than 100,000 small businesses each — and an additional 14 metropolitan areas have between 50,000 and 100,000 apiece. The total for these 25 markets, according to a new study by On Numbers, is 3.13 million small businesses. Government agencies have not created an official definition of a small business, so On Numbers uses its own parameters, encompassing private-sector business establishments with fewer than 100 employees.”

So here’s Obama. He’s out there saying (impression), “You got a small business? You didn’t create that on your own! You didn’t do that. You didn’t build the roads. You didn’t build the bridges! There are a lot of hard working people out there. You didn’t do that much. You’re nothing!” Well, he’s telling 3.13 million small businesses in 25 markets that they didn’t do anything. And each one of them employ people. How many people do you figure these small businesses employ? What would be the average employee number?



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