Dennis Miller: Obama ‘might have organized communities, but he’s disrupting this nation’

On Wednesday night’s “The O’Reilly Factor” during his weekly “Miller Time” segment, radio talker show host and comedian Dennis Miller said he had seen enough of President Barack Obama’s class-warfare campaign strategy.

Miller told Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly that the president promotes the idea that being wealthy is wrong, and goes out of his way to divide Americans along these lines.

“I have a friend up in Montecito named Lisa Dabbs,” he said. “She’s a great dame, a lady of letters. And she said to me the other day something that really resonated. She said: Why does he always say ‘rich’ like it is a four-letter word? Why doesn’t he say ‘prosperous’? … and I think this guy is the most divisive president I have ever seen, Billy. And I don’t know what your thoughts are. I mean, you seem to be more fond of him than me.”



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