Could It Be Condi for VP?

I’ve been thinking about something. There’s a story I had in the Stack. I didn’t get to this yesterday. It’s a Reuters story, “Romney May Name Running Mate Early in Election Race.” There have been names floating on this. There’s Bob Portman in Ohio. There’s Marco Rubio, who continually says it isn’t gonna be him. Bobby Jindal. Governor Christie — who may be talking himself out of it, if he was in there, but he’s openly said that he would take it.

Well, he’s openly said that he would seriously consider it. There are a number of names. Tim Pawlenty is considered one of the front-runners. So today Romney goes to the NAALCP convention. One of the names that is also on this list that shows up now and then but not in every story about it, is Condoleezza Rice. Now, I don’t have any idea who Romney’s gonna choose, but when I saw this story yesterday, “Romney May Name Running Mate Early in Election Race,” I thought, “Why?”

This is awful early to name a VP.

Of course, the Reuters headline says “may name.” But it’s a fairly lengthy story about what the advantages in doing so could be, and they list the people that are possible. It mentions here, “Romney is also considering whether to name a woman, his wife, Ann, said.” To the team of people that would select a running mate. And I’ve seen Condoleezza Rice’s name mentioned off and on. Here goes Romney to the NAALCP. What are the odds that he would pick Condoleezza Rice next week, coming off of this speech to the NAALCP?



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