Congress Close to Passing 6-Month Continuing Resolution

The Hill reports that on Thursday, Senior House and Senate leaders expressed optimism about reaching an agreement on a continuing resolution (CR) that would prevent the government from being shut down before the November elections.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House leaders seem to be leaning toward agreeing on a six-month CR that would keep the government running into 2013. Others in the House want a three-month CR, which would force Congress to debate the matter again before the end of this calendar year. The current fiscal year ends on September 30, but discussions concerning the CR have taken on urgency because Congress will only be in session for about three weeks between now and Sept. 30.

Of course, these emergency measures are required because the Senate, controlled by Democrats, have failed to pass a budget for over a thousand days. But since the media never reports or explains this, a government shutdown would hurt Republicans and give Obama a foil he can run against while he tries to desperately avoid talking about anything related to his disastrous economy.



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