Clarifying the Term “Trickle Down”

Now, I got a note, ladies and gentlemen, from a friend after the phone call we had from Patty. And he was very frustrated after the phone call we got from Patty. He said, “I hate the term ‘trickle down.’ I despise the term trickle down, and she used it twice.” And here’s why my friend is upset with the term trickle down, in terms of trickle-down economics, trickle-down economy. He says trickle implies that most of the wealth stays with the wealthy, and it doesn’t.

Now, I know this is gonna be radical. This is a radical point to make, but he’s exactly right. And the simple proof of the statement is, you could confiscate all of the wealth, confiscate all of it, not tax it, but just take it all, the top 1% that Obama has pointed out as the great enemy of the people. You could confiscate all they’ve got. You could run the United States government at current budget levels for less than a month. I mean, you might not even get two weeks out of it. It is a myth that the top 1% have all of the wealth in this country. It’s the exact opposite.



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