CEO of Buckyballs: Save Our Balls

It was not the birds. It was turtles that they tried to ban balloons because of. Balloons would end up — used balloons — they never tried to ban condoms for this reason. I never understood the difference why, but they banned balloons ’cause these turtles, both land turtles and sea turtles, were ingesting the balloons that had no air in ’em. Turtles come up there and eat the balloon on the ground, and that’s it. They tried to ban balloons. But never condoms. And what you heard happening to Buckyballs. It sounds like they’re being singled out, but they’re not. There are a lot of small businesses, the same technique is not being used, but this administration is at war with small business. And they’ll find any pretext they can.

Buckyballs is a $50 million business and it is growing. It’s the United States government trying to drive them out of business. Not find a way to work with them on the safety side, but put them out of business. It’s uncalled for. There’s no excuse. There’s no rational reason for it, and Mr. Zucker could not explain why he was being targeted. So I mean you’ve got an attempted ban of a product and the shutting down of a business. They’re doing this in different ways to the oil industry. They’re not succeeding, but what do you think the oil moratorium’s all about, the drilling moratorium? The fascinating thing about that, there is a boom economy happening in the Dakotas, and it’s like it’s in the Twilight Zone.

We talk about it here, but nobody knows about it, it never gets reported on. But there is an absolute economic boom going on because of new discoveries and technologies in getting oil out of the ground. They happen to be ways that the left doesn’t approve of. And they’ve concocted a bunch of lies about what happens, say, to groundwater and other such things because of this method of extracting oil from the ground, and it’s all lies, it’s all trumped up. But this boom in the Dakotas is so rapid that the biggest problem they have is lack of housing for the people who are moving there to find jobs in the oil business. They don’t have enough places for people to live. So the next phase is gonna be a bunch of developers going in there and rapidly building apartment complexes, condominiums, houses, this kind of thing, ’cause the oil business in the Dakotas is gonna have deep roots. The left is targeting it, trying to make it harder and harder for these people with more and more regulation to profitably extract the oil. It’s cleaner.

Here we are in the midst of one of the most dismal economies since the Great Depression, and what ought to be happening is that everybody ought to be going to the Dakotas and saying, “Look, here is how we escape this. Here’s how they’re doing it. This is how it’s done. You want to see economic growth, here it is. It’s happening right here in the country.” Instead, everybody’s doing everything they can to keep it a secret. And beyond even keeping it a secret, they’re trying to treat it as though it’s some odd fluke thing that is made up of a bunch of weirdos. There’s a Wall Street Journal story today. They can’t build homes fast enough in North Dakota. Wouldn’t you like to see that headline in a lot of states? It’s mind-boggling, folks. There is a glorious economic boom and recovery happening in North Dakota and it remains one of the best-kept secrets in all of the world.



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