Caught on Video: Democrat Loses It On Tea Partiers

During a public event at the Reform Congregation – Keneseth Israel in Jenkintown, Pa for Obama (which no Republicans were invited to speak at) – We arrived to find Myron Goldman – a Jewish American for Romney handing out literature. He was told to leave. 10 minutes later, Steve (from Citizens For Liberty) and I were listening to Josh Shapiro talk about how TOLERANT the Democrats are and how they welcome other opinions (yet they tried to throw Mr. Goldman off the property). At the end of the event, I stood in the parking lot with my sign that said Obama has killed (among other things) Jobs, the coal industry, and the Constitution. Things got very heated as a Democrat told one person to “Go F*ck Themself” and then he proceeded to get in my face, bump his chest into me, and told me he was going to break my camera.



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