Bogus NBC/WSJ Poll Oversamples Dems

I’ve heard about the NBC poll. In a couple of minutes. It’s right here. I’m gonna get to it in just a second. All in due time. It’s a three-hour program. Of course I’ve heard about it. It’s a joke. They sample 11% more Democrats than Republicans, and even at that they can only get Obama a six-point lead. Yesterday we were talking, Reuters was the only poll with Obama up six. We were talking about what a joke it was.

My question is, what’s the Wall Street Journal doing partnering with this bunch? Everybody knows that NBC’s in the tank for Obama and so forth and the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, this is not doing the Wall Street Journal any good, credibility-wise. They had to have an 11-point spread in Democrats versus Republicans in their sample in order to get Obama a six-point lead. There’s no way that that’s gonna reflect the turnout. There aren’t gonna be 11% more Democrats voting than Republicans in November.



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