Barack Obama’s Declaration of War Against the Way America was Founded and Built

Folks, have you seen any mainstream media reports on Obama gutting welfare reform? Have you seen that? Now, if you read certain — and it’s not very many — conservative blogs, then you will see and read about it. But in the mainstream media you would not have heard that Obama just gutted it in a lawless fashion. This is a law passed by Congress, welfare reform. He just gutted it. He just took the work requirements out of it last week and nobody said anything, least of all the Republicans. I mean if they did, I don’t recall it, so if they did say it, if a Republican or a series of Republicans said something, it wasn’t powerful enough that I recall it. Just breathtakingly unbelievable stuff. Then we read some conservative blogs, “Well, you know, what the president said is actually right. The president’s right. People don’t get there on their own.”

Here, grab audio sound bite 25. I’m gonna tell you something. I got a note from a friend yesterday. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but now I’m obligated to since I said this. I had a friend write me a note after the program yesterday, and he said, “Look, Rush, you know as well as I do that it’s over. It’s math. It’s simple mathematics. The debt, the deficit, it’s only a matter of time until they come and clean everybody out who still has any money. So, Rush, when you get tired of spitting into the wind –” that’s how he described me doing the program “– when you get tired of spitting into the wind, call me and let’s talk about what we can do to protect our families from what’s coming.”

Now, Snerdley’s in there laughing himself silly and so forth that I got this e-mail from a buddy. He honestly believes that he’s gonna have to take drastic action to protect what he’s got from Obama, from the government. Then on the other side of it, you know, Yahoo has this new CEO, employee number 20 at Google. Marissa Mayer is her name. I read all the tech blogs. It’s my avocational interest, as you well know. So I’m reading about this yesterday afternoon and as I want to do, and I always ask myself, “What are this person’s politics?” Nine out of ten times they’re liberal. Well, it turns out that this babe is not only a liberal Democrat, she is a bundler and a fundraiser for Obama and has hosted fundraisers in her house. She’s 37 years old.



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