Axelrod: ‘Amazing We’re Not Getting Blown Away’

David Axelrod’s anxiety over Barak Obama’s reelection chances is now on full display. In the latest personal e-mail from the Obama campaign, Axelrod starts to act paranoid:

You know what’s kind of amazing?

That we’re not getting blown away in the face of unprecedented, unlimited spending from super PACs, Mitt Romney, and all the other shadowy groups trashing Barack Obama nonstop.

Shadowy groups? Is he hallucinating? Perhaps his boss has reinstituted the Choom Gang and Axelrod has been puffing away – the donors to Romney’s campaign and pro-Romney Super PACs has received consistent and brutal scrutiny.

It’s worth noting the violent language here. For a campaign that whines about incivility on a regular basis to use the phrase “blown away” is inconsistent, to say the least.



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