Drudge has a story up. The headline has been his lead item all day. “Secret Wiretaps Rock Department of Justice.” It’s a Roll Call story. And everybody’s trying to read it and nobody can click on it because their servers are shut down. So I got people e-mailing me, “What’s that about? What’s that about, Rush?” Here it is. Let me tell what you it’s about. The wiretap angle on Fast and Furious is this.

Federal law requires a prosecutor seeking a wiretap to describe to the judge what investigative techniques have been used in the investigation. You don’t just get a wiretap because you ask for it. You’ve got to tell a judge what you’re doing. Now, those wiretap applications must — by law — be approved by Justice Department officials before they can be submitted to the judge. Now, Holder is claiming that he and other DOJ officials didn’t know about the gun-walking, and this puts the lie to that.

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