Why Would Obama Worry About History?

Okay, so it’s on the table: Obama, he doesn’t care about winning. We’re headed to an economic crash, and he doesn’t want to be around when it happens; he wants the blame going somewhere else. There are many things wrong with this. This is an interesting theory. But in the first place: Who writes history? The media! They are the immediate authors of history. When did Democrats get blamed for anything? Even now, all of this is still being blamed on Bush. This economic collapse that we’re in now.

Obama says, “my predecessor,” and the media carries the water. Republicans are gonna get blamed for it no matter who’s in the White House. So why would any Democrat worry about history? Democrats have escaped the consequences of their actions for over a hundred years because of the media. So I don’t see Obama or the Democrats worried about history. Look at the so-called fiscal cliff that we are facing at the start of 2013 with Obamacare. Taxmageddon. Look at all the new taxes. Look at the further shrinkage of the employment base.

Look at the slowdown of the economy that is, without question, coming. What part of that do the Democrats not want? It’s all happening because of them.



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