Why this nation should stop saying “Separation of Church and state”

If we don’t stop the false concept of “separation of church and state”, we will continue to have a separation of good mental health and state. That is, there is a lot of suffering and addiction going on in this country that wouldn’t have to be if the Bible’s standards and solutions were to be incorporated into the mainstream institutions of schools, government, media, insurance, and entertainment. But these standards couldn’t just be presented as moral tenants that were separate from the rest of the Bible. That is, the Trinity would need to be acknowledged and revered as the source of them.

I say this from personal experience as someone who had troubles following the predominant morals and mindsets of the mainstream of the last 50 years, and who tried 19 approaches to lifestyle and truth, but didn’t find the solution/fix until I tried a 20th one … following the Bible to the letter.

And the mainstream standards WILL continue to devolve, because the driving force behind it, liberalism, has an incurable (in and of itself) disease: freedom addiction. That is, liberal activists keep seeking freedom by tearing down the restraining pillars of society. Why do they do that? Because they don’t feel free inside, and that angst drives them to clamor for freedom in various “liberations” … sexual, religious, gender, racial, etc. And then once they accomplish these liberations and recognize that their angst isn’t resolved, it then drives them to fight for the next liberation, which currently is gay marriage.

Hopefully along the way, some of them will recognize that the resolution of their angst lies in a statement made by St. Augustine, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.” And there have been a number of liberal leaders who have recognized this and made the transition to Christianity, including gay activist leaders.

But something that can be done in the present to slow down, stop and even reverse this freedom addiction further ruining our country is to debunk a main pillar of its argument: the separation of church and state.

First of all, it is impossible to separate religion and state because religion addresses two things that have to be addressed: moral policies and an explanation of existence. Therefore we are currently living under a religion, which is: secular humanism. Even Webster’s Dictionary defines this as a religion. And secular humanism’s moral policies fall under the banner of “political correctness”. And its explanation of existence is: evolution and atheism. Therefore, separation of church and state is NOT presently going on. It’s just being used to fool the public and silence any competition.

And the fact that it is a religion invalidates the current claim that this mainstream bully uses to perpetuate itself and censor out other religions: you can’t promote one religion because you would be excluding and offending other religions (not recognizing that secular humanism IS offending nearly all other non-atheistic religions).

Here’s the way around that. Do we worry about offending other modes of personal transportation when we choose to have a car? Do we worry about what bicycle clubs will think? No. It’s a free marketplace that all can choose from and no one is offended. We just go with the mode that is the most efficient for doing the job of getting us from one place to another as quickly as possible. So then why shouldn’t it also be that way with psychology and philosophy? Why shouldn’t what works best rise to the top of what the entire society endorses?

And like I said, I know from personal experience that Christianity works better than anything else this world has to offer. (I’m talking about a Christianity that is grounded in a person’s DIRECT experience with God, where the Bible and Holy Spirit are the prime personal connections. That is, where everything is filtered through them as having the last word, not a church, preacher or denomination).

Well the morals and mindsets of secular humanism have just dragged the social statistics and happiness and health of the people in this country down. This is evidenced not only in the social statistics, but also in comparing the levels of happiness, peace and love from the ‘40s through the decades to the present in the entertainment industries. And the cause of this devolvement can be proportionally traced to how reverence for God and Bible standards have been gradually taken out of the mainstream.

So given all of this, favoring or squelching any of the religions is not the place of government, no more than telling a person what car they can drive. But that is what the government is currently doing … favoring the religion of secular humanism and censoring Christianity out of the mainstream institutions. Were the free market forces be allowed to work in this democracy, I would say that Christianity would rise to the top as the best solution for all mental health issues (as I prove in the very high success rate by people who have resolved their addiction and other internal problems with my Addiction Free Forever program). And of course nearly every founding father of this country would agree. But many recent legal scholars would also agree, for example:

Recent Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist in official opinions wrote this about that phrase: “Using the phrase ‘separation of Church and state’ is actually a
mischievous diversion from the actual intention of the founding fathers, and use of that term should be explicitly abandoned.”

Dennis Marcellino is the author of THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true (which can be seen at www.ConclusiveProofOfGod.com), Addiction Free Forever (which can be seen at www.AddictionFreeForever.com) as well as the political books The Plague Of Liberalism (which can be seen at www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.com) and THE Solutions (which can be seen at www.TheOptimumPoliticalSolutions.com). He is also available to speak: www.ChristianProofs.com.



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