Why Bill Clinton Works to Undermine Barack Obama

Former President Bill Clinton appears to be playing a game that is calculated to embarrass the current president, Barack Obama, whom it is reported he has despised since the 2008 campaign.

First, according to Big Government, Clinton appeared on the Piers Morgan show and slammed the Obama campaign’s attack on Mitt Romney’s tenure as the CEO of Bain Capital. He is just the latest high-profile Democrat to so.

Then, Clinton went to Wisconsin for a get-out-the-vote effort in advance of the recall election, the Chicago Tribune reports. President Obama has studiously avoided venturing to Wisconsin, concluding as have most people that the attempt to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker is doomed to failure.

Clinton has not been so reticent. It is a win/win situation for him. If by some miracle Walker should fall, it will be seen as entirely due to Clinton’s last-minute efforts. If Walker prevails, Clinton will get kudos from big labor and other Democrats for at least trying while the president stayed away.



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