I challenge everyone in this country to go one day without breaking the law. The obvious tests would be not to exceed the speed limit, grab a single grape and pop it in your mouth at the market, or log on to an unsecure wi-fi at Starbucks.

Sure, most of those items we’re all probably okay with, but who among us doesn’t think there are hundreds, if not thousands of government procedures, rules, laws, taxes, edicts, mandates, permits, and onerous statutes we could do just fine without? The long-term effect is we have become desensitized to the fact that we have become a nation overwhelmed by government intrusion.

There was a time when the government did it’s best to get out of the way of innovation, hard work, entrepreneurism, and prosperity. But now, our country is under assault, facing a crisis of government overreach and bordering on tyranny. It feels like every move you make is subject to government interference and regulation.

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