What the Partisan Divide Really Means

Pew Research Center: “Partisan differences now divide Americans more sharply than distinctions of race, religion, education or sex as a decade-long wave has pushed Democrats and Republicans to opposite corners on a wide range of formerly less partisan issues.” Do you realize how profound that is? The partisan divide is sharper than the divisions that exist because of race, religion, education, or sex. The partisan divide, the left versus right, conservative versus liberal, that divide is sharper than even race and religion.

Now, I’m not surprised. This does not shock me, but I can imagine this is gonna blow the lid off of a lot of people. And I know it’s true. I don’t need a poll to tell me this is true. I saw this focus group last night that Luntz did on the Hannity show with supposedly a cross-section of people from Wisconsin on the eve of the recall election today. Folks, it was breathtakingly sad, breathtakingly frustrating, and what it ensured was that there is no hope for compromise here. All of this talk about compromise is drivel. All of this talk of compromise is a sideshow, it’s a distraction, and it is part of the arsenal of weaponry, ammo from the left to defeat us. They have no desire to get along with us.



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