What is the White House Hiding?

Now, Fast and Furious was run out of 11 cities. They did not track the weapons. The purpose for Fast and Furious was to have guns flooded into Mexico. The news would then report the mayhem that was created: The latest crime, mayhem, assaults, deaths, chaos, whatever, that these drug cartels commit every day. And then the objective was that the news stories would say, “And American guns were used!”

And the end result was supposed to be that you and me and everybody else would get outraged that American guns were so easily available to Mexican drug cartels and that we would rise up in anger and demand an assault weapons ban. The Bush administration had no desire for any subterfuge. There was no attempt there to create crime. There was no attempt to have American weapons used en masse in crimes for the purpose of undermining America law at the time or shifting it.

In Wide Receiver, people were arrested.

The whole point was to catch people.

It was a plan that was devised ultimately to stop the trafficking. Fast and Furious increased the trafficking on purpose and nobody was arrested. Hundreds of people were killed with these guns. A border agent, Brian Terry, was killed. Operation Wide Receiver was shut down after its weapons dropped off the grid and the ATF realized that they’d made a mistake with it. They brought the operation to a screeching halt because they had determined that it didn’t have the end resulted that they wanted.

Obama and Holder saw it and built on it for an entirely different purpose. That’s the short version of it because we’re really short on time here. But I’m glad you asked about it, and I’m gonna endeavor here to get more detail on this for all of you tomorrow. Because the Democrats are trying to make the claim that it all started under Bush. And it’s a typical Democrat lie, folks. As far as I know, nobody was arrested in Fast and Furious. There were arrests made in Wide Receiver.



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