Ugh: Pro-Obama SuperPAC Attacks Romney’s Record at Bain Capital…Again

It’s always the same old charge — namely, Mitt Romney is a greedy, “vampire” capitalist who is sorely out of touch with working class families and only cares about corporate profits. Wow. Implicit in this crafty narrative, too, is the allegation that Mitt Romney and his gang of investors actually contributed to the nation’s high unemployment rate and stagnant economy. Of course, there can be little doubt that during Mitt Romney’s 25 year career in private industry he made decisions that negatively impacted (i.e. laid off) American workers. But remember, this is the very nature of “creative destruction,” one of capitalism’s central tenets. What the Obama administration wants you to forget — or at least ignore until after the election — is that Bain Capital has created innumerable jobs, turned around failing businesses, and yes, provided economic opportunity in this country. For example, what about the hundreds of thousands of Americans who now work at Staples, Sports Authority, or Domino’s Pizza? Have they not benefitted from Romney’s “heartless” investments?



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