Here’s Obama saying the private sector’s fine. We need more cops and firefighters and teachers. That equals jobs.

Nothing about productivity. Nothing about innovation and so forth. But that still doesn’t quite get me there. In a nutshell, the federal government’s own statistics show just how out of touch Obama’s comments about the private sector really are. If you look at payroll changes since January of 2008, the private sector has gone down by 4.6 million jobs. That’s a 4% decline. Meanwhile, all of government, federal and local, state, whole shooting match, has only declined by 407,000 jobs, four million versus 400,000. That’s a 1.8% drop. And since January of 2008, the number of federal government jobs has grown by 225,000, which equals an 11.4% increase. And these numbers come from the federal government, Bureau of Labor Statistics and so forth.

So clearly Obama was as wrong as anybody could be about this, but in his mind he wasn’t. The private sector always does fine. It’s always there. Private sector’s cool. He’s got an ignorance combined with an arrogant condescension about it. He thinks he knows everything about it. He doesn’t know anything about it. And those two things combined equal an arrogant condescension and a dangerous lack of understanding that should never occupy such a position of power in this country.

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