The Regime’s “New” Tack: Blame Bush

This blaming everything on Bush stuff, don’t forget, by this government’s own definition, the Bush recession ended in June of 2009. Now, the reason that’s important is because by June of 2009, Obama’s stimulus had yet to be implemented. It was signed into law in March. In other words, the recession ended before Obama did anything. Not one substantive Obama policy started before the recession ended. Blaming this on Bush, in a technical sense, and of course in a practical and real sense, is bogus and a nonstarter. The recession was over. By definition, we were coming out of it. And then Obama’s policies kicked in, and look what happened. We made a beeline for the gutter again.

I’m gonna predict. It isn’t gonna be long, maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight, New York Times, Washington Post, cable news network, whatever, somebody out there is gonna say they don’t like this business of blaming Bush, that this isn’t gonna work. It’s old and tired and worn out, and there’s no evidence that it ever did work. They’ve been blaming Bush since before they were immaculated. And it’s obvious blaming Bush doesn’t work, and yet they’re circling back to that now, and you watch. Troubled supporters of Obama in the State-Controlled Media are gonna gently try to say, “Get off of this.” Like Carville saying, “Don’t tout the economy,” now others are gonna say, “Don’t blame Bush. It will be almost four years, don’t, it’s not practical.” You watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m reporting that on tomorrow’s program.



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