The Regime’s Leaks Aren’t Shocking

Obama doesn’t take national security that seriously.

He doesn’t think of us as a superpower.

He thinks it’s gauche and arrogant to think that way. It’s braggadocios. It’s insulting. We’re not a superpower. “Other countries think they’re exceptional, too! We’re nothing special.” That’s how he looks at the country. “We don’t have any secrets.” In fact, the problems that we’ve had, in his view, all descend from this notion that we’ve thought ourselves special and that we’ve had secrets and that we appoint ourselves the guardians of the world. “Who are we?” That’s how Obama and his ilk have been educated and informed.

“We have no business doing any of this stuff around the world. Who are we? We deserve some of this stuff.” He’s kind of like Ron Paul. “We deserve some of this stuff that’s happening to us!” So I don’t think Obama looks at these leaks as anything damaging. Look what he told Dmitry Medvedev. He told him to tell Vladimir Putin, “Relax! Relax! I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” They were talking about the United States eliminating nuclear weapons. Obama basically told Medvedev to tell Putin, “It’ll all happen as soon as I get reelected when nobody can do anything to me.”

Now, the caller is referring to the fact that in 1980, in the campaign, Jimmy Carter revealed that we had stealth technology. He was trying to boost his foreign policy and defense credentials. And Carter had just promised to kill the B1 Bomber. He had just promised to kill it. Democrats were all arguing back then who would be the first to get us out of this part of the world and that part of the world. And so Carter was trying to, you know, buff himself up as a last-ditch effort.



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