The Lessons of the Walker Recall

Despite what was being reported on the air at the time, that the exit polls were worthless. It wasn’t 50-50. It wasn’t too close to call. But they like viewers, and the indecision and the unknown makes people stay tuned longer. I understand all that. But when it was all said and done, I know that one of the most important things going on at the White House is polls. They’re looking at all the polling data they’ve got from all over the country, and they’re saying, “What if this isn’t right?

“What if none of these polls are accurate anymore?” How many years has it been, how many elections has it been that the exit polls were dead wrong? You go back to 2004, and the first two waves of exit polls had John Kerry elected. I’ll never forget old Bob Shrum. The story goes that Bob Shrum, who ran Kerry’s campaign, went in to him at five o’clock in the afternoon when the second wave came in and said, “Mr. Kerry, may I be the first to call you, ‘Mr. President.'”

But when the real votes came in and they started being counted, the exit polls were nowhere near accurate. They said, “Okay, what’s wrong? Why are our exit polls so wrong?” They started look at their methodology. Then they discovered that they oversampled Democrats by four to five percent in the exit poll, like they do every other poll during the course of the year. So are the polls right? That’s what they’re asking themselves. So, here comes this story from the Daily Caller.



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