The Democrat Crime Family War

We got Bill Clinton going rogue again, even bigger and even better. And the “criminal enterprise” known as the Democrat Party… Well, “criminal enterprise,” in quotes. Think of it as a mob family. Think of the Democrat Party as a mob family with the head honcho in Chicago.

Michael Walsh, who is a writer at National Review Online, has a great analogy of the Democrat Party as a crime family — as a typical mob family — to illustrate why Obama’s in trouble. He has forgotten things (’cause he never learned them, he’s too young) about how mob family head honchos act. And his main point is… I’ll detail this in much greater detail we come back at some point, but his main grievance — Obama’s prime problem — is that he has forgotten something central to survivability. And that is respect for your elders and those who came before you who paved the way for you.



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