There were other Supreme Court rulings folks. The libs, wait ’til they hear about this. This is gonna tick ’em off big time. The Supreme Court today reaffirmed its two-year-old decision allowing corporations to spend freely to influence elections. Citizens United. When they get past Arizona here and they get to this, whatever good vibe they got from Arizona is gonna be totally destroyed. They are going to be livid over this. It was a 5-4 vote. By a gnat’s eyelash.

“The court’s conservative justices,” it says here, “said that the decision in the Citizens United case from 2010 applies to state campaign finance laws and guarantees corporate and labor union interests the right to spend freely to advocate for or against candidate…” So super PACs were upheld, and now include state-level races. I think this was the Montana case. This has sent the liberals into a tizzy. Because the unions always have been able to spend endlessly for any candidate, any issue, or what have you.

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