Senator Marco Rubio: Democrats Don’t Want to Fix Immigration Problem

RUBIO: It’s a short-term fix for a long-term problem. And, in fact, what it does is it injects election-year politics into an issue that will never be solved as long as it’s a political one. I am convinced, after a year-and-a-half here in Washington and in the Senate, that for some people — I wouldn’t say many or all, but for many, I would just say too many people, this issue is more valuable unresolved.

RUSH: That reminds me of something Wayne LaPierre said on This Week with David Brinkley. And it was This Week with David Brinkley. And it was back in the nineties during the Clinton administration. Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Association, said — and this is a stunning thing to say. He said that he thought the president was comfortable with a certain level of violence because it promoted the need for gun control. And Rubio is saying here that some people like this issue unresolved, just like the race-baiters like the fact that there’s never going to be a solution to racism in the country. Look at all the people who would be out of business if there were ever a day where it were proclaimed over.

That’s why affirmative action is unending. There is no end to affirmative action. When affirmative action was started, I remember — this is in the seventies. I’m talking to people, in the seventies, “Well, okay, when is enough reverse discrimination going to be said to have leveled the playing field? At what point will we have fixed and made amends for all the prior discrimination?” Never. It’s unending. It was never intended to end. Affirmative action was never intended to end. The whole concept of racism in America as an original sin, never intended to be over. And Rubio is saying this about immigration. Some don’t want it solved. It’s too valuable of an issue. Wayne LaPierre, exact quote: ” I’ve come to believe [Bill Clinton] needs a certain level of violence in this country. He’s willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda.”



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